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Monday, April 11, 2016

Catch a Star; a review

Did you have that dream when you were a child to be the next great ballerina, MVP athlete on the box of Wheaties, movie star, racecar driver, or Grammy winner?  Did you plan at the age of 7 to walk across a stage to accept that special award while the throngs of fans threw roses at your feet and were cheering wildly for you? What happened?

Often the difference between having a dream as a child and living that dream as an adult comes down to the grit and dedication to making the vision materialize. It is one thing to spin and twirl in a living room in a dress up costume. It is entirely different to spend hours upon hours stretching, perfecting technique, rehabbing injury, and turning critique into improvement. When personal trials aren’t allowed to translate into derailment, but rather become fuel for the fire, achievement becomes experience and the springboard for success.

This is the story of Tamika Catchings. In Catch a Star, Catchings tells of a childhood dream to play in the NBA.  This isn’t an unfamiliar dream, except she was a girl, living overseas, with a hearing impairment. Sure she had natural talent and genes from a pro-player dad, but that won’t take you far without work. And work is what she did, year after year, season after season, injury after injury, and opportunity after opportunity.  This all added up to a cumulative 3 gold Olympic medals, a WNBA championship, a NCAA championship and state championship – along with many other national, conference, and tournament acknowledgments.  As the resume and pressure to perform began to grow, so did her faith and reliance on God.

Are you the parent of the child with big dreams – realistic, or not? This is a great book for both of you. The book reads like a fast-paced basketball game charging up and down the court. Action shifts between life off and on the court. There is the defense of dealing with relationships and the offense of the work required to achieve such a high level of excellence. Catchings tells a story of overcoming personal liabilities in a way that they have in actuality become assets leveraged to her benefit. All the while you see her humility, while sensing that she feels she has little of it.

     “I think everyone needs to be a go-to person at some point. We all need to step up, stand for something, be the go-to for someone, and take responsibility. But some people have never taken control of their own lives to be that go-to person. Many don’t take ownership of that.” 
- Tamika Catchings in Catch a Star
This is a rare book that the whole family can read and enjoy while learning some great life lessons. While the writing may not be of the same style as many classics, which also lends to it’s accessibility – especially to those boys who would dare read a book about a girl! Give Catch a Star a shot and see if the enthusiasm isn’t caught as well.

Disclosure: I am a proud member of #VolNation and can often be found using #GBO in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.  As such I am prone to extra support of fellow Alum (especially those who wind up in Indy – hello, Peyton!) so I had skin in this game.  Also, Revell was kind enough to send me a copy for review.  That being said, these are entirely my own opinions. I have included affiliate links in this post as well.  They do not cost you anything, but proceeds may be used to add a little more orange to my wardrobe. Go Vols!

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