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Monday, October 27, 2014

Allume Reflection #1

I’m sitting here, in a still sleep-deprived, mind addled state.  I have faces and words, hymns and racing thoughts running through my brain. They run just as I did at Dulles airport to catch the tram to the terminal, to my bag, to my home, to my family.

I brought back memories, and dirty laundry, pounds of books, challenged assumptions and this:

I show hospitality to those around me, and angels unawares, when I treat each person in this world – near or far, face-to-face or remotely – with honor.

Honor and dignity don’t care about labels, skin tones, manner of dress, customs, language, ability, status, or the other person’s attitude toward me.

I can only be responsible for my own heart and my own actions in this life.  And believe me when I say with full confidence and assurance, I will be held responsible for both.

I was profoundly struck by the words of Shauna Niequist during her keynote speech at the Allume conference last week in Greenville, SC.  Hospitality was the topic, and as the author of Bread & Wine, this is not unfamiliar territory.  When she spoke of entertaining and engaging with others she defined a benchmark for success:

I practice true hospitality when others leave feeling better about themselves than about me.


I don’t need to be the chef that leaves you wanting more, the designer that you wish you could hire, the entertainer that you would see again and again, the host who should have her own television show, the stylist that you want to go shopping with you for a new wardrobe, or the hero saving the day.  I only need to love – and let others love me in their own particular way.

Easier said than done, right?  Yes, until we practice it over and over and over.  I find it interesting that PRACTICE is the word most often combined with hospitality.  Practice may never make perfect in this fallen and broken world, but practice may make it a little less so.

So this is my take away, my intention.  Just so you get the irony in that last sentence.  INTENTION is my one word this year.  I’m pretty sure that back at the beginning of the year I wasn’t thinking about this application.  I love when God grows us and shows us new ways.  Now all I have to do is say ‘yes’ and follow.  Join me?

One way to show love and hospitality to others is by linking arms with the Allume Giving Circle and Pure Charity.

First, sign up with your own account.  Do that here:

Second, help us spread the word about Patch a Child’s Heart with Preemptive Love Coalition.

How can you practice “hospitality” in a new way starting today?


  1. Oh how I love you! I missed being with you all but I was praying and I was watching the Keynotes as well and oh my goodness - between Shauna and Sophie... gah! And your OneWord? Don't you just love it that He is so smart?

    1. Missed seeing you and your camera there. To answer your question, above ALL! I hope you got to listen to all the keynotes.

  2. I had not heard of Allume until our 31 day challenge and it's great to hear someone's perspective! I just started listening to her talk on hospitality so now I look forward to finishing it tomorrow! As for hospitality, I am growing that gift as I watch other beautiful Jesus-loving women model it right in front of me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Larissa, I hope you enjoyed the keynote. I recommend listening to all of them if you can find the time. They are will worth it. It is nice to see it being modeled and the follow. Bless you as you grow in hospitality. I'm trying to do the same. Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. I looked at your blog and it looks like you have a very big day tomorrow. Congratulations to your husband. Semper Fi!

  3. I loved Shauna's words, Amy! So convicting. It's made me really think. My house is clean enough (never spotless, EVER), and I've never stressed about decorations since I'm so left-brained and not the decorating type. I used to worry about those things until I learned this important lesson:

    If they come to see YOU, they won't care about your mess. If they come to see a MESS, don't disappoint them!

    So good seeing you at Allume. #swva hugs to you, my friend!

    1. Well, if they came here looking for a mess, I certainly would not disappoint. I've never heard that before, but I won't forget it. Too funny! It was so good to see you, too. There never seems to be enough time, though. I think we'll just have to take those matters into our own hands.