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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Because - Five Minute Tuesday

I know it’s Tuesday, but sometimes we get to it when we get to it. Am I right? It’s only really too late to write if the next word has been given, but then it’s a fresh start anyway, so really it’s never too late to start.

I’m going to pound out my unedited, from the hip, less than perfect words and share them with anyone who cares to read. I’ll link up at the lovely Kate Motaung’s and then follow the ONE BIG RULE visit at least the one who linked up before me and leave encouragement in a comment. I generally visit more than one, because there’s some great writing in this community and you never know who you will discover that speaks to your heart.

Here we go. This week’s prompt is……


Because my mom worked in a garment factory for all of her working life. Her working life ended with trade agreements and overseas sourcing, and looking for a cheaper way.

Because when I learned about the Triangle Fire on the Lower East Side Tenement Museum tour in Manhattan, my eyes were opened a bit and that Union that took some of my mom’s money every month had a noble beginning.

Because after reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker I started to see that enough was really way more than enough.

Because when I followed that up with Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline, my shopping ways came to abrupt halt, I repented of sorts, and haven’t been the same since.

Because when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed and killed all those trapped workers in Bangladesh, I wasn’t very surprised at all. It was just a matter of time really.

Because, my voice and words may not travel far from my desk, but my dollars travel around the world and back.

Because there are ways that I can act with intention and make a difference in this world.

Because when I find something I think you need to know, or would want to know, I just can’t stop myself from telling YOU!


This is why I have decided to become a Compassion Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope. I don’t really consider myself to be very persuasive, or much of a sales person. I am passionate about fairness and treating others well. In fact, I really want to treat others the way I want, and dare I say expect, to be treated.

Micah 6:8 has become something of a life verse for me:

And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

We all like pretty things. We all want to feel beautiful. Most of us want to help others when we can. A lot of us have no idea how to tangibly do this in our everyday lives.

Trades of Hope seeks to bring an end to poverty and empower women (and men) around the globe by providing meaningful work that provides an economically sustainable model for all parties involved. Artisans are paid their asking price for their goods and you are able to purchase beautiful handmade items at a fair price. In turn, I am also given the opportunity to help support my own family. Everyone wins here.

I’d love for you to check out what Trades of Hope has to offer by going to My Trades ofHope. See where the items originate and the benefit to each artisan.

If you’d like to shop, there is a Facebook party open right now until October 14, 2014.

If you want to have your own party, or are considering becoming a Compassion Entrepreneur yourself, please let me know. I’d love to work with you. Together we can change the world!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.  They cost you nothing, but help a sister out a bit.  Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Introducing My Trades of Hope

Hey, there!  Remember me?

I’ve been so hit and miss this summer, er, fall, with this whole writing and blogging. There should be a conference for that. Oh, wait... Ironic is it that I’ve been to busy while helping to get the fabulous Allumeconference ready for this October? I’m so looking forward to the speakers, the music, the swag, but mostly the AMAZING people that I will be with all weekend long!!!

For realz, y’all! One of my best friends in the world will be there, friends from out of the country and across the country will be there!! I’m so stinking excited to lay hands and eyes on these gals – a few guys, too.

Of course, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I only did one thing at a time. That’s like only reading one book at a time. Who does that??

So besides hammering nails into walls a la The Nester and a couple other projects I’m working on, I signed up for a new home-based job.  I’d love to introduce you to Trades of Hope.  I am now a Compassion Entrepreneur, or a CE as we say in the sisterhood. (Don’t run off, this is really good stuff.  Honest!)

I’ve known about TOH and pondered joining their ranks for months now.  To tell the truth, I don’t exactly know how I first discovered them.  As far as I can tell it was either through twitter or through one of their artisan groups.  Follow enough ethical fashion organizations, world-changers, and general do-gooders and eventually it will lead you to Trades of Hope.

Simply put, Trades of Hope is based on the good ole home party shopping model.  Here’s the twist:  all items are hand-made, Fair Trade, and directly impact the lives of the artisans who make the jewelry, scarves, bags, journals, and home décor.  Here’s the why and how:

“So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. We started Trades of Hope to give women that opportunity for a better life. Each woman has a story, and with Trades of Hope's help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of HOPE!

“Our artisans make approximately 6 times more than they would normally make in the context of their country. Trades of Hope is not a charity or a not for profit. We believe sustainable business is a long-term solution for change over charity.”

I have an open party on Facebook right now.  I’d love for you to join us.  If you like what you see and would like to host your own party, just let me know.  I’d love to make that happen for you.  If you really, really love it and want to join me – I can make that happen to.  Let’s talk.


So this party, it’s my first and I’m hosting it myself for myself.  That’s not really much fun.  I’d rather host it for YOU.  Anyone who places an order by midnight Saturday, September 27, will have their name placed in a drawing.  The winner will have the party changed into their name and receive all the hostess rewards from the party.  The party doesn’t close until October 14.  This gives you plenty of time to invite even more of your own friends to join in.

Hope on over and take a look.  Not on Facebook, but still interested?  Go to my personal website.  If you place an order, you will still be entered.  Unfortunately, this is for the 50 United States and APO addresses only.  Hang in there Canada.  Hopefully we’ll get to you, too.