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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Grateful

So here's the deal.  Lisa-Jo gives us ONE WORD.  We set our times for FIVE MINUTES.  Then we write the real, the raw, the unedited.  Then we LINK UP, and ENCOURAGE each other - especially the one who linked up before, your neighbor.  Care to join us and give it a whirl?  It only takes five minutes.  Here we go.....

Five Minute Friday


I like to think that I'm one who is thankful - grateful.  I feel it deep down, but I'm not sure I express it very well.  I wonder if my parents know how unbelievably indebted I am to them for the countless ways they have loved me and cared for me over the decades - day by day!

Does my sister know? She's the one with the awesome lawn mower move at 2:29 in this You Tube video.  I wonder if she hears "Thank you", very often from the scores of kids that she works with every day as a speech pathologist in an inner "city" school.

My husband - oh my!  Where to even begin.  I think I need to go do some serious thanking there.

Lastly, actually ultimately is better - my God, my Creator, the Lord of Hosts, my fortress and stronghold, the lifter of my head.  This life, wouldn't be a breath worth breathing without HIM!  There aren't enough thanks or praise to express my gratitude for new life.

Thank YOU for sharing part of your valuable time here and reading my paltry offering.  I truly appreciate it.  :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saying Yes to Whatever - Rhinestone Jesus Review and Giveaway

I once heard a sermon on the first of Jesus’ miracles at the wedding of Cana.  There were so many good points.  One was how the servants were the actual witnesses of the miracle while the guests were the recipients.  The guests did not necessarily know that anything supernatural had actually taken place.

The major point was that this passage contained the best and most vital piece of advice or instruction in the whole of the Bible and it comes from the mouth of Mary.

“Do whatever he tells you”  (John 2:5)

Whatever. That’s a scary word when you stop to think of the implications.  What shouldn’t make it scary is when we consider the one who commands us.

When Jesus is at the helm, there is no need to fear.  We just need to adjust our mindset that we are NOT the one calling the shots in this life and that we have to devise the grand scheme for doing God’s work and subsequently changing the world.

I’ve recently been challenged with the idea of saying “yes” right here in the middle of my mess.  “Yes” to the need that is right in front of my eyes.  “Yes” to that one thing that is the passion of my heart.  Simply saying “yes” is all that is required.  Now, what happens after that initial “yes” is entirely up to God, buy saying yes to each new step will lead you on an adventure that could’ve never been planned.

This is exactly what happened to Kristen Welch as she recounts her own “yeses” to God throughout her life in her new book “Rhinestone Jesus”.  What began as a desire to “turn the world upside down for Jesus” at the age of 14 with a life emblazoned with a rhinestone Jesus pin, lead down a path of pain, disappointment, loss, and finally a death to her American Dream.  It also led to a reclaimed passion for writing.  This passion led her through the slums of Kenya to the heart of hopelessness where she found, of all things, utter joy and contentment – BECAUSE JESUS IS ENOUGH!

Surrounded by all of my excess, bank statements, and insurance policies I have to ask myself if this is something I truly believe in my heart.  I’m not talking about being irresponsible or foolish, but questioning where I fully put my trust and the alignment of my desires.  Do I need to add some “no”s to my life to be able to more readily say “yes” right here in the middle of my mess.

I want you to go on this journey with me.  I want you to get your very own copy of Kristen’s new book “Rhinestone Jesus: Saying yes to God whensparkly, safe faith is no longer enough”.  It officially releases today.  Watch this trailer to hear more in her words.

To get two of you started on the path to yes I am giving away copies.  But that’s not all friends!!  The first copy will come with a beautiful chalk art print by the lovely AnnieBarnett of Be Small Studios. (Don’t you just absolutely love Annie and her work????)  The second copy will come with a set of five (in)Mercy postcards .  These are both produced by the amazing folks at Dayspring and also featuring Annie’s work.  


These were all part of a fundraising campaign in which so many ordinary, everyday folks said “yes” to God.  Today, those “yes”es are opening the door of a second Mercy House Kenya.  Take a quick look and see how saying “YES” can turn the world upside down for Jesus!  

You are helping to continue the YES of Mercy House Kenya with your purchase of Rhinestone Jesus.

Are you ready to say #yesinmymess ? 

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Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of Rhinestone Jesus to review and copies to giveaway by Tyndale, the publisher.  As always, opinions and subsequent life change are entirely my own.  This post contains affiliate links and I am grateful to you when you use them.