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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Writer

Lisa-Jo does this thing on Fridays that has turned into this thing on the Thursday night before that has turned into community.  I'm there now, wouldn't you know.  So, I'm going to stop for 5 minutes and see what spills through these fingers.  I'll link it up and visit the one who did before me to spread some encouragement.  Want to join us?  Come along for the ride.

Five Minute Friday

My five minutes on: WRITER

So funny that the word tonight is "writer".  Lately I've been anything but a writer.  I use that term very loosely, mind you.  Life has been all up in my face at times, so I guess I've been more of a "liver".  HA! That is sooo not what I thought would come out.  Not an internal organ, but one who is living.  Better?  Not much.  Now you see why I use that term so loosely when referring to myself.

Thing is I jumped back in the deep end of words earlier today and spilled part of my history out on this here very screen.  It should've been harder.  Maybe I didn't really thin through what I was saying or putting out into the world.  The thing is, if it's truth you don't have to think too hard about it.  You know it.  Expressing it doesn't always come easily, but I wasn't going for pretty.  I was just trying to tell my story.  I don't know who needs it, but it's there.

The best part of this word is that when you click on Lisa-Jo's link you will find more amazing writers than you can imagine.  Not all of them have a book that released this week either.  You'll do yourself a favor by checking them out (and getting that new book!).



  1. I like it, because many times I do not consider myself a writer and when I try to come up with something in five minutes it does not always look great. But sometimes you simply have to live life to be able to write about it. But when the time is right the words will spill out, and somehow they help others.

  2. That is where I struggle with my story. Expressing it. And your story is beautiful because you are.

  3. I've been a 'liver' lately too! I'm hoping to get started back writing after over a month of an unintended 'break'.
    I went back and read your last post. No words…really…but my heart breaks for your disappointments. Praying that God will continue to show you His purpose for all you have gone through and bring you through to complete the joy He has set before you!
    Gay Idle/CaptiveHeart

  4. I am coming to discover part of what makes a "writer" is the courage to just show up. May we show up each week, for those five minutes, and somehow let Him make us into the writer He means for us to be. I am so glad I visited from FMF this morning! Keep on writing! Blesings!!!

  5. Loves linking up behind you and this line "The thing is, if it's truth you don't have to think too hard about it."

  6. "Expressing it doesn't always come easily, but I wasn't going for pretty. I was just trying to tell my story. I don't know who needs it, but it's there."

    Thank you for your obedience and willingness to share your story. Just went back and read your previous post. Your beautiful vulnerability is a challenge for sure.
    Thank you.

  7. Be a whole liver, whatever you do--don't settle for being chopped liver (ok, I couldn't resist...but it's true--we need to live live to the fullest and not chop ourselves up with regrets, and let doubts nibble at our wholeness. You are an artist--a word artist. Do your art!

    1. Potentially best comment ever! Totally made me snort - much like I did when i saw what I had written. So lame that I crack myself up! Thank you for this in all seriousness!

  8. It's hard to wear that title, isn't it? But it does seem that when we just write what's on our hearts...the stories God has given us to live...the words He's given us to all comes together in a way we probably couldn't have planned. Let's keeping living and keep writing about it! See you in a week!! Yay!!

  9. Love you Amy! Liver, Writer, you're awesome! :)

  10. hey there liver neighbor! finally reading because I finally wrote. Can;t wait to live a little more with you. Coffee?