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Monday, January 27, 2014

(in)courage Community Groups Want You

Look at these beautiful faces here!!  Seriously, just look!  They are pastor's wives, military wives, moms of teens, fitness fanatics, mentors, survivors, writers, artists - (in)couragers!!!!  And this isn't everyone.  There are nearly 1000 other women with room for more.  We want you!

The four of us below have been working with women for months to prepare for today and your arrival.  We'd love for you to join us, to share your story with us, and encourage each other through whatever season you might find yourself facing right now.  What's that?  You thought you were the only one dealing with ______ (fill in the blank).  Oh, no, friend, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Thanks to the lovely Tonya Salomons for this.
We have 57 different groups that meet on Facebook.  You can find kindred spirits, soul sisters, girls who get it.  Get you!  Who knows, you might even become friends in real life.  I love the ladies in these pictures and didn't know a blessed single one of them 2 years ago!  Community is a funny thing like that!

I am doubly blessed!  I get to work behind the scenes with all the (in)couragers, but will also be leading a group with the lovely Cindy Bolt - Feeding Body & Soul.  We know that living well takes more than just exercise or healthy food.  We need to have that balance where we are nourishing all of who we are.  We'd love to have you join us on our journey this session.  Registration begins today.  Hop on over to the (in)courage website to learn more about all of the community groups and find your place with us.

Top and bottom photos are from the (in)courage website and fill my heart with joy!

Have you been in an (in)courage Community Group before?  Will this be your first session with us?


  1. Sounds interesting! I will definitely be checking it out! =)

    1. Great!! Hope you find the perfect group for you!