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Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days to Change the World: Shot at Life

Today is day 15 for me being sick.  I am more than a little bit over it.  It’s annoying, but not life-threatening.  What if it was life-threatening?  What if I lived in a part of the world where the first cough or sniffle could be a sign of impending tragedy?

Today you can help change that!

Walgreen’s is partnering with Shot at Life.  Through October 14, when you get a flu shot or any other vaccination at Walgreen’s, one vaccination will be donated for a child in a developing country.  I first heard about Shot at Life, not from the Walgreen’s commercial, but from my friend Jill

You can also go directly to Shot at Life and make adonation.  For $20 you can provide a child with a lifetime of immunity from pneumonia, diarrhea, polio and measles!  Polio?  Seriously, is that even a worry we face here?

Protect yourself from the flu (or shingles) and help protect a child from life-threatening illness.

It’s an easy way you can help change the world for less than $50


  1. Amy, I am loving this #31days series. So often we think we can't do anything because we don't have the money but you are showing that is we just cut out a few of fast food meals we can bring joy and health to others. Thanks for sharing. This is one I didn't know about and will be passing on.

    PS. My daughter is our church organizer for the Oper Christmas Child shoeboxes. So I love the mission project.

    PSS. Praying for you to feel better soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Amy! I do love sharing things that can be so simple that aren't well known. It really does take minimal sacrifice on our part for so many of these ideas. You don't have to have access to your won Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation size account. :)

  2. Girl--what's going on with the sickness?!? ugh...prayed for you {HUGS--with a facemask}:)

    and this is perfect timing as I just got my shot on Thursday. it's an easy choice when you realize you can get this *controversial yet hopefully helpful thing* in exchange for something essential and life changing for someone in a place you'll never make it to this side of child rearing...

    1. You said it! As for this cold... I don't know. So over it, though. Just keeps going, and going, and going.... Thanks for the prayers.