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Friday, September 13, 2013

Mercy – Five Minute Friday

I think the Newsboys may have said it best:

When we get what we don’t deserve,
It’s a real good thing!
When we don’t get what we deserve,
It’s a real good thing.

Grace and Mercy – two sides of the same coin.  The favor that falls on us is more than a real good thing.  It’s sometimes the only thing that gets us through the next day – the next minute.  They are the lenses that help us to look beyond the foreseeable future.

The great things about these gifts is that we can also give them – freely.  Freely doesn’t mean cheaply, there is a cost.  But hindrance is our choice.  Two ways before me today that I want to share:  Preemptive Love Coalition featured today at Allume and (in)Mercy that you can read all about here.

Do you have a coin or two to give away?? (Use the widget on the right sidebar to make your donation today.  Sign up for a Pure Charity account here.)

Five Minute Friday

Joining with Lisa-Jo Baker for another Five Minutes of unedited writing.  Join us?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love what (in)Courage and so many bloggers are doing for Mercy House!

    1. It's an amazing work with an incredible story. I'm glad to be a part of it - even if a very small one.

  2. Yay Mercy House! So thankful for mercy....:)

  3. Hi Amy, Thank God for Grace and Mercy and may we always give it freely to others as it is given to us. I'm just learning about the two above, they sound wonderful. Looking forward to meeting you at Allume next month.


    1. I love how this community works together and is a constant encourager to extend and receive grace and mercy on a daily basis. See you in October!! :)