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Monday, September 16, 2013

Incourage Community Groups Are OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Today the Fall 2013 session of Incourage Community Groups is OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!!! 

Y’all – I’ve waited what feels like an eternity to say those three words!

Back in May I had no idea what this whole journey would look like.  I knew I loved the Incouragers, I love connecting people with other people and can sometimes know who needs to be in what place (even if they don’t know it yet).  I knew Crystal and Lisa-Jo and Incourage.  What I didn’t know was Google docs, online calendars, todoist, collaborative spreadsheets, spreecasts, online forms and the names of close to 200 new-to-me amazing women!  I didn’t even know Anna!!!

Photo courtesy of Vanessa at Hearts on Guard

I cannot express to you how I have changed and grown over the summer.  I hardly feel like the same person at times.  It is pretty doggone amazing and a work of the hand of God!

I’m surrounded by car guys.  The closest I can come to explaining this is with a restoration analogy.  A classic car is one of those “could be awesome” sleepers that runs, but you know it could be so much better.  It’s dismantled, rebuilt, special parts and upgrades installed, given a new paint job.  All of the original bones and heart are there.  Then the day comes after the last buff and polish to turn the key.

That day has come.  Today we fire the ignition, there may be a sputter or two; we may have to manually adjust the throttle.  But you know what?  Deep in my heart I know this baby is going to run like the wind!

How do you know if these groups are for you?  Are you a woman over the age of 18?  We are already in the ball park!  Are you an:
Stay at home mom?
Cancer survivor?
Working mom?
Over the age of 50?
Lover of the Word?
A Single gal making her way in a career?
Wondering how you can deal with the pain for another day?
Wanting to let others know if you made it through, so can they?
Thinking this deployment is lasting longer than you’d like?
Thinking you are the only one who…..?

Please go to Incourage today to learn all about the Incourage Community groups availiable.  Find the group that speaks to your desire for community.  This can be a home for your heart with other sisters.  You can encourage and be encouraged in a safe place.  Registration is all this week and the groups begin on Monday September 15, 2013.  Simply sign up with the group inlinkz beneath the description (limit 1, please).  You will be contacted later in the week with an invitation to the Facebook group.  It’s as simple as that.

Join us!

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