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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taking Away Dreams

I know this was meant to be up yesterday, but that just didn't happen.  I had a day that started with a Mommy&me meltdown followed by errands and power tools.  I do love using a good power tool.  Meltdowns?  Not so much.  So here is the conclusion of what I took away from Dayspring.  There was also swag, but maybe we'll look at that another time.  You can read the first part of my story here and the middle of the story here.  Thanks for the grace and understanding.

When I called the Dayspring headquarters the Mother-Ship, I was only half joking.  Someone else actually call it that the first time, but y’all, it fit!  (See that y’all coming out again – that’s when I’m home.)  I’ve said for years I could live in a glass and concrete box and be perfectly happy.  Well, add to that dry stacked stone, polished stained concrete floors and rolling hills and I’m a happy girl.  Modern architecture thrills me and eases me all at the same time.  Clean lines are my happy place.

Beyond that, if you surround me by creative people I feel like I could nearly explode with joy.  Can accountants and administrative types and purchasing departments be filled with creativity – YES!  The environment of ideas and collaboration was invigorating.  Partnerships that are forming are exciting to watch being birthed.  Trust me when I saw you are going to want to keep your ear to the ground for new opportunities on the horizon.

My trip was end capped by time spent with Holley Gerth.  She led a devotional time for us on our last morning together.  Beyond that, we rode together to lunch and shared some striking similarities.  I love it when I can find another girl to talk shop with, bicycle shop that is!  Speedplay, chamois cream and carbon fiber don’t often get discussed in the blogosphere, at least not this one.

There is this whole business of dreams, not just regular ones that come during sleep, God-Sized ones.  These are the dreams that truly make others think you are crazy – that is, if you get up the courage to speak them out loud.  I think something must have rubbed off over peanut butter pie.  On my first return flight I pulled out a notebook and started a list – DREAMS.

So there is what I took away – encouragement to pursue what I’d never thought to actually list on paper.  Some are small, some are quite ambitious.  It may get edited over time, but it’s a start in the right direction.  Sometimes finding the right direction to aim is a challenge.  I’ve got that step done.  Now I’m asking you to help keep me accountable.  Ask me how it’s going when I pop into your thoughts.

How about you?  Have you taken a step toward chasing a dream?  Tell me what you did in the comments, K?


  1. Loved hanging out with you, friend! I hope to get to see you again soon! :)

    1. I had a great time, loved chatting with you. Hope to see you again soon, too.

  2. An inspired ending to a few days of God- sized growth. I've never met you but you sound at least three inches you've been so touched by His word and truth that, might I say... you've become invincible in Him? Such good stuff Amy...really excited to see what He'll do through you in the coming weeks/months/years. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lisha, you have no idea what an encouragement you are to me. If I stand taller it's because of the confirmation that I receive in my heart from your words and the words of others in affirmation of the Spirit's work. I'm not growing an of my own accord. Thank you for being such a generous blesser!