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Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Things Other Allume Gals Need to Know About Me & a Bonus FMF- Last

Looking for Five Minute Friday?  It’s at the bottom.  Feel free to read my list, though.  ;)

1)    I’m rooming with the hubby this year.  Hopefully he already knows these things, that’s why I’m writing to you.  The reason that the hotel filled up is the exact reason he’s coming with me this year – The Gran Fondo Hincapie.  We both love cycling and this is an amazing chance to see world class cyclists up close and personal.

2)     I have either waited a whole year to see your lovely face again, or I’m thrilled to actually get to meet you for the first time.  Seriously!  I love meeting people and hanging out with friends.  Ah, but you say, “you have no idea who I am.”  No matter!  If you are planning to be at Allume you are a fascinating, passionate, beautiful person.  Who wouldn’t want to meet her?!?

3)    I tend to get hyped up in big crowds – I think that is the definition of an extrovert.  I am energized and in my happy place.  Feel free to remind me to dial it down a notch or two.  I may have forgotten to tell myself.

4)    I also love to tuck away in a corner for a bit and just watch.  People watching is a favorite activity.  I love watching interactions, reunions, first-time meetings, collaborations, reflection.  Since I took that anthropology class way back when, I have been enthralled with how people are with each other – or alone.

5)    I may forget your name – 4 times.  I may also know your name before we ever meet in person.  I have never quite figured out why my brain remembers some names and others just slide off like an egg in a Teflon pan.  I apologize for asking again and again.  I also apologize for completely freaking you out.

6)    If we hop in the Smile Booth together please make sure we get plenty of pictures together.  Last year I left with one print.  I always feel bad about taking the print, but I want to make sure I take some home, too.  I’m generally up for making a fool of myself with a prop or a totally unflattering full on laugh.

7)    If for some reason you are reading this and we’ve never “met” online before, please introduce yourself.  Look me up on twitter @ACTilson, leave a comment, email me.  See #2!

8)    I am beyond excited about the speakers and some of the opportunities we will have this year.   Some of my favorite organizations are sponsors and I can’t wait to partner with them at the conference.  Have you checked out thesponsors?  If not, this is some good homework to do beforehand.  Maybe you will even want to put a special section in your conference binder

9)    I am a slow eater. I get wrapped up in conversations at meals and often forget there is a plate of food in front of me.  Although, these delicious meals will be prepared, set out and cleaned up by someone other than me.  That makes a simple sandwich more appealing and I may just be savoring every bite.

10) This will be the first time that we have left our son with family and gone on a trip.  I have a twinge of anxiety about this.  I’m not so much anxious for us as I am for the little guy and the grandparents.  I’m also a little worried he won’t want to go back home with us when we pick him up on Sunday.

So that’s my list!  I’m linking it up over at Allume today.  If you’ve come over from Five Minute Friday, you’re next.  This is a Two-fer day.  I’m still getting settled into my house while also working behind the scenes with the (in)CouragersCommunity Groups and this lovely conference.  Life is a little busy.  So glad you’ve hung with me today.  Without further ado, here are my five minutes on:

Five Minute Friday


This word has been on my mind a lot lately: 

When will I empty the last box. 

I found that one thing I’ve been looking for, at last

The last time I saw my friends arriving tonight. 

The last words I heard my granny say in her hospital room.

There is something about last that feels final, like a period at the end of a book.  There is also a feeling of a springboard.

Last leads me to next.

Next is full of hope, sometimes full of dread.  Next can also make me exhausted even considering it.

I’ve stalled at times wondering if the last was truly the end and if the next would ever come.  Sometimes this space is like that.  I pass the last without noticing until it is days later.  Let’s hope the next next isn’t that far away.

Disclaimer:  I had to go back and italicize so the words would make sense.  Hope you will forgive me this editing violation.  Now I need to visit you all, last week was a little crazy.  Sorry if I missed you then.


  1. Wow...I feel like I got more than my five minutes worth today! A snapshot of your life for sure. Thanks

    1. Um, yeah, sorry about that. Just happened to be a double link up day. Glad you stuck it out. Thanks for visiting!! :)

  2. Nice to meet you and read your Last. Sandra

  3. Great to "meet" you Amy! How exciting your first trip without a child- don't worry he'll be in good hands! Hope to see you at Allume!

    1. Looking forward to meeting there. Feel free to hunt me down if I don't find you first. :) We are very excited about this trip - as much for the consecutive, uninterrupted nights of sleep. It's the little things. So glad you stopped by.

  4. Can I just tell you how very much I love you?!!! I love this post and I love where God has taken you over this past year and a half. I am sad that I won't be with you at Allume this year, but I can't wait to hear all of the stories.
    Ladies- if you don't know Amy, she is for real! She is genuine and authentic and she truly means it when she says she wants to know you!
    Love you!!!

    1. I'll get your check in the mail tomorrow. We definitly just need to find another reason, place and time to get together. I should ship the boys off for a weekend and have the girls here! :) You will definitely be missed at Allume. :(

  5. Last leads me to next....goodness gracious girl, I love that.
    and wish I was meeting you at allume. (I wouldn't tell you to tone it down) {HUGS}

    1. Seriously can't believe you won't be there. Just fly down anyway! ;)

  6. Nice to meet you, Amy. See you in October. Kim

  7. Oooooh, we are going to be such good friends! We already have so much in common. I can't wait to meet you!

  8. I can not WAIT... I love your list (and your FMF!)

    I remember the first time my Honey and I left our girlie for a week - she was shifted around between local family and friends and she did great! (and so did we!) I left little notes or a little gift for her to open each day - whenever the caretaker thought it was best... she was only 3 and she still talks about that! He'll be fine and coming back together as a family will be that much sweeter!

  9. Beautiful! You captured how I feel about last...because sometimes you just wonder if what comes next could possibly be as good as what came last!
    Keep up the God work.

  10. Great post! I can't wait to meet you. I will confess that one of my fears is that noone will go into the smilebooth with me. Oh and that I will make a complete fool out of myself. See you in October!!!

  11. Hi Amy,
    Oh, I wish I was going to sounds like fun..praying you and the other women have a blessed time...I chuckled when I read your definition of an extrovert, because I am definitely an introvert, but with extrovert leanings :)

  12. If you forget my name 4 times this year I may just take you downtown to the seedy side of Greenville (does Greenville have a seedy side?) and get you a tattoo. Just sayin'!

  13. From one extrovert to another...I'm really looking forward to meeting you! I love your list...and your FMF, too! (((hugs))) and happy Tuesday to you! :)

  14. Extroverts UNITE! So stinkin' looking forward to meeting you, funny lady. Your little man will do just fine. Promise. I'm more concerned that I'm leaving mine behind WITH my husband! Chocolate cake for breakfast, anyone? Just sayin'...