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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Praying God’s Word for Your Life

Kathi Lipp has released her newest book, Praying God’s Word for Your Life.  This edition follows the same principles and format as last year’s release Praying God’s Word for Your Husband.  Both are available and make excellent companion volumes.

Praying God’s Word for Your Life begins with 3 short chapters on how to use the book, preparing your heart for prayer, and the reasoning behind praying scripture.  You might think it needless to tell Christians how and why to pray, but I found these chapters to be both insightful and encouraging.  They were also a bit challenging, but reassuring that I could do this – and do it better than I currently am.

After this point you are free to read as you choose.  The table of contents clearly identifies different general areas of our lives that we will want to cover in prayer for ourselves.  These range from finances to work, relationships to anxiety.  Within each chapter are more specific topics.  For example, the first of these, “When You’re Overwhelmed” (I read this one many times this week) breaks down into having too much to do, balancing work and life, and life’s trials.

Multiple scriptures are provided with a prayer.  You can take these words as a jumping off point and tailor them to your own needs.  I was struck by her expression and how many of these were completely novel approaches to issues I have in my own life.  I love being able to pray specifically for needs, but sometimes I can’t quite come up with the words that seem to pinpoint the matter.  Many verses used were ones that I would not have thought to apply, yet were perfectly suited.

I was left with the question, how much of scripture have I not considered to be applicable to my life?  This vast resource that has been given to me to guide me into abundant life has gone untapped.  The Word is living and active, yet I am seeing it as primarily fixed.  Quite a paradigm shift, but one I want to fully embrace.

This book will stay close at hand as a reference for frequent use.  At the very end is a list of all scripture references used throughout.  It is striking to see how widespread encouragement and help can be found from beginning to end in the Bible.  Is that really surprising?

In the chapter concerning Parenthood, Kathi Lipp suggests praying the entire book of Ephesians, Romans, or Galatians over your children.  What an amazing concept!  If she is listening, I would love for that to be the next offering.  I think Praying God’s Word for Your Children would be welcome any day on my bedside table.

I wish I had a copy to give to one of you, but I am not letting this one go.  Put this on your reading list today.  Have a wishlist for the bookstore?  Move this to the top of your queue.  You will be blessed by every page and your life will be affected in a mighty way.

Disclaimer:  I was provided an early copy of this book by the publisher for review.  As always, all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Hmm going to look into those books, thank you for sharing!!

    1. You're welcome. I've had the book for husbands since Allume and never looked at it. Definitely will be now. I do highly recommend them.