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Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between

This morning I come to you in a pre-caffeinated, box-surrounded, jammie-wearing state.  But lest you think I am all ascatter, I had an actual intterupted night of sleep and time in God's Word.  I can't think of anything that is better to fuel the heart, mind and soul!

I'm joining with a band of fearless writers who brave the keyboard, the clock and the unknown that lies ahead from the prompting of Lisa-Jo Baker (you can find all the details there).  We throw out breadcrumbs before us as a trail to blaze instead of behind us as a way safely back.  Let's see where this word adventure will take us today.

In case you are wondering about all this talk of adventure and the unknown, I'm reading Begin, the first of the Growly books by Phillip and Erin Ulrich - and LOVING.  EVERY.  WORD!  Annie Barnett's illustrations are magical and set the stage for my imagination.  You need to get this book.  Okay, enough of this unsolicited advertisement.

So here we go!


It's where I'm living right now.  Sure I have a new address and can't find my way sure in the dark, but there is still the old tie.  There is still the running back and forth, wrapping up the fine print of the past two years in someone else's house that we tried to call home.  Now we call this new place home, but it hasn't quite settled in to the bones and fallen easily off the tongue.  That moment when "time to go home" comes out without thinking about a route or all that waits for you there.

In between is where we should be living every day.  We are in this fallen world for but a breath that seems like half of an eternity, but it's not.  It's just a short time that stretches on and on and has past in a blink of the eye.  Anyone with a little knows the saying the days are long, but the years are short.  It's like that.

In this middle ground is where all the work is done; the packing and unpacking of possessions, valuables, TRUTHS!


Your turn!  Come join us here:
Five Minute Friday


  1. "it hasn't quite settled in to the bones and fallen easily off the tongue"--love this description of the time before a new home becomes "home" to us. Good luck with the unpacking and settling in! You've written such a poetic introspection of the process. Visiting from FMF.

  2. Oh Amy... first, thank you so much for being my neighbor today, and congrats on moving. However, I can completely relate to the state in which you are lying in between what used to be to where God has you now. I pray for peace as you continue to unpack your life into your new surroundings. As it all begins to settle into your bones... oh I love your description there. The peace will come. I am happy to have come to your space in the blogosphere here. I can't wait to read more. Blessings!!

  3. Amy, you know I've lived in my new are for almost 6 years and still it is hard to call it home. It doesn't roll easily off the tongue. Yes, I have a church home and good friends, but home is still the old place more than 1000 miles away where I spent more than 20 years. You post is lovely. thank you for sharing!!

  4. You rocked this one sister!! I love it. And He will meet you right there in the in between, in the not quite fitting, in the place He has placed you for His glory. I'm excited for you! Love ya!

  5. Blessing on your new home. We moved 4 years ago and while I consider this home I still drive by our old place and it feels like home. As if I could pull up front, walk in the front door and relax on the couch. All of our in betweens strung together until we get to our real home with Him.

  6. Lovely post and how are you??? Congrats on your new home and He will meet you in the in between, love that!!

  7. So glad that you joined in - even among boxes and all the 'new'... Praying for you and the family as you transition in this being Home. I am not a big mover... I haven't had to change addresses very many times in my life... so to me - the 'new' is dreamy and exciting - but I know that it is not just that... it's also unknown and work to make it feel like Home... and I love the reminder that no matter where we live here on earth - this is not our Home!

  8. --> 'In this middle ground is where all the work is done.' This is so, so true on so, so many levels. Thanks for the reminder today, friend. I am so loving getting to know you! Can't wait to see you next month!

  9. Thank you. It's been a rough couple of days and I needed the reminder that this is only the in between. Happy weekend, and happy unpacking!

  10. I've surely been there, living amongst the boxes with the map to "home" not yet a part of me. So glad you took the time to write today, and in your pajamas, no less!

  11. I am so glad you joined in even if you were in your jammies, because your words always speak to my heart. Realizing that we are just here for a vapor of time really does put everything into perspective. I just wish I could always remember that.

    I hope you get a little more settled in this weekend.

  12. The little I see of your new home in the picture looks lovely! I've moved lots of times and know that feeling well, living in boxes. But it' also means lots of excitement!