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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Intentional Shopping - Step 1

This past weekend I made my first truly intentional purchases.  I have a 4 ½ year old boy who absolutely refuses to stop growing.  I also live in a location that insists on having roughly 4 seasons a year.  Because of these two factors, my little guy is in need of new summer clothes.

In light of recent events and convictions I went on a quest for shirts.  It is possible to find fun t-shirts, shorts and other summer tops that I know have been manufactured under safe and decent wage conditions (e.g. made in the USA). But… hold on to your wallet!!!  I am NOT in the habit of paying $36 for a T-SHIRT – not for anybody’s body!

To say that a bit of a paradigm shift is needed would be an understatement.  To say that winning the lottery would be helpful might also be an understatement.

Erghhh... found this using a "made in USA" search, sadly, they are NOT.  May return!

I finally settled into Nordstrom’s website to check out my options.  Lo and behold there were even some items on sale.  I found two cute t-shirts that I ordered a little large for maximum wear.  They are both from Peek, which has an exclusive retail arrangement with Nordstrom, and sells from its website and a handful of its own stores.  Peek is an American company that manufactures at least part of its product in the United States.

I have a Nordstrom credit card that I got several years ago.  We pay off our bills every month, so this is something I use for the perks.  One perk is free shipping for online orders.  I have also installed the Pure Charity browser plug-in for shopping.  I was able to earn 4.5% for my giving fund at the same time.  This was $2.33 just for making a purchase that I felt better about anyway.  Now that will go directly to charity. You can read more about that and sign up for your own Pure Charity account here.  

I have other ways that I will be clothing my child this summer planned.  I’ll share those in time.  This is my start.  A baby step.  I have to start somewhere if I hope to make any difference at all.

What baby step can you make towards being a more intentional shopper?

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