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Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for the Quad

The Quad is the heart of James Madison University.  If you know me well, you know I love my Dukes!  This was my first home away from home.  I’m not sure that I can fully express how I feel about this place.  If you are a fellow Duke, you understand.  Many schools inspire intense loyalty.  I’ve seen it from Notre Dame to Virginia Tech, but this is a little different.

I know it isn’t Christmas, but here is a perfect example of the heart of JMU

I have fond memories of the food, yes, the food.  It was amazing!  The flowers and landscaping have garnered many institutional awards for good reason.  Walking to class along blossom lined streets in the spring fills your heart.  Having doors opened and strangers saying hello at every turn, makes one feel welcomed – and loved.  Bluestones and the Blue Ridge give you the sense of a strong foundation.

My van proudly takes Duke Dog with us everywhere and proclaims my love on my license plate. 

One glimpse of purple forges an instant connection – even with an author, a fellow alum, you’ve never met before.

I struggle fully share the depth of sentiment and passion I have for JMU so I’ll let the words of my Alma Mater speak for me.
Madison, James Madison, We’ll be forever true.
Our loyalty will always be to JMU
While friends remain within our hearts
And knowledge guides our way
James Madison will lead us on
To conquer each new day

I’ll leave you with a little ah-mazing music from the pride of JMU  - The Marching Royal Dukes.  Enjoy!


Tell me why you love your Alma Mater?  Give them a little love by leaving their name while you’re at it.  No hatin’ here.

photo credit: hyperion327 via photopin cc


  1. Saw your tweet to @JMU - I feel the same way! I was at Glennon's book signing as well. Nice to know a fellow Duke and Momastery fan!

    1. I think it was your business card that I was referring to as the glimpse of purple. The girl in line in front of me had also gone to JMU. Small world, unless you're in NoVa. I knew of a Jeff with the same last name that did alumni work. :) GO DUKES!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Please share this type of more post…..!!!!!