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Monday, March 4, 2013

Reviewing the First Two Months of 2013

The first two months of 2013 have vanished into thin air.  I often come to the end of a year wondering where it went and what I accomplished.  I don’t want to let that happen this year.  Time is precious and I am learning to be mindful of the faith history that I am leaving behind.

This year I decided to participate in the One Word 365 challenge and I selected the word CREATE to guide me on my journey.  I have been conscious to incorporate this into my daily life as much as possible.  How’s it been going you ask?  Here is a sampling:

I have begun one mixed media painted canvas.  I hope to share it when that is finished.  It has been interesting to use new materials.

I completed a 4th knitted dishcloth.  This will go to a friend that runs a soup kitchen in my home town.  The yarn was sturdier and the size larger to work better for them.

I have also sewn three infinity scarves.  After I won a completely adorable one from the Pleated Poppy, I knew I could tackle this easily.  A trip to JoAnn, one YouTube video and getting my machine threaded properly and I was off.  Stitch Fix sent me a perfectly lovely one in my first box, but I knew I could make my own.  I just gave one of the three to my sister as a gift.
I am learning that I LOVE giving handmade gifts.  The time involved can be cray cray y’all.  But I believe I get as much out of it as the recipient and I have to be so much more intentional due to the planning.

I made this little watercolor of my OneWord to keep in front of me for inspiration.  A friend commented on it and I made on for her too.  It’s just another way to create community at the same time as “art” – using that term very loosely here!

Many other aspects of my daily life are still a work in progress!  Housekeeping is an Achilles’ heel for me, but I’m getting there. Gotta get all my junk in order for moving into a new place in a few months.  I got to flex my design muscles when choosing the finishes.  I’m picky and can be quite demanding at times.  This is when my last point reared it’s head.

I have been confronted with my own love of comfort and convenience.  I want what I want, when I want it – the way I like it, if you please.  Since this came up a short while ago God has put so much instruction into my ears.  I have to tell you that as I was condemning myself for such idolatrous behavior God was giving me grace and reassurance at every turn.  Even this morning I have been reminded of the teachings in Amos and Micah and that I need to spend some quality time there in study. (Thank you Phil Vischer and Buck Denver!)

So that’s where I am heading into this third month of 2013.  How is your year going so far?  What accomplishments can you share for encouragement?  I’d love to celebrate with you!


  1. Oh so love all the the lovely things you are creating and loving the whispers God is whispering in your ear!

    1. Thanks! It's starting off as a very interesting year.

  2. Oh, Amy! I love that you picked your one word and that you are sharing it here. The watercolor is lovely!!! And how cool that you are sewing! Fantastic. I love what God is doing in and through you. So much love!

    1. I've missed sewing. I hope I continue to make it more of a priority. I really want to start experimenting more and learning some new skills. I've also got a quilt that needs serious attention. I know you understand that. :) I do love making things. It's so satisfying to hold a finished project.