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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet Discovery

I have a few favorites when it comes to things of this material world.  There are substances that stir my soul and make my heart beat just a little faster.  Their textures, qualities and purposes are all varied, but they all reach back through time to connect me to a distant past or land.

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One of these is chocolate.  I’ve written of my love of good chocolate in the past.  I’m not content with Hershey’s or Mars.  In a pinch I won’t refuse, but they do not speak to my deepest parts. 

Pierre Marcolini knows my love language and sings it to me from across the waters of the cold Atlantic
But there are nearer Sirens.  They are elusive at times and can be costly, but I turn my ship towards the rocks that will not dash me to bits, but give sweet indulgence.

This particular call comes to me from the Rockies, from Boulder.  There in those mountains confectionery conjurers blend decadent dark chocolate with spicy chilies and dried cherries.  The love potion is enveloped in gold foil and wrapped in fiery red.  I say love potion, because when every mouthwatering bit is gone, I am left with poetry.

This is not metaphorical poetry, but actual verse; words that speak of love and art and treasure.

I am not an avid reader of poetry, but this was a surprise at the end of all that was good and had vanished.  It also spoke to my desire to CREATE throughout this year and in a way I had not considered: to create the keeping and guarding of love.  What a beautiful thought.

Now I have been doubly blessed by one of my favorite things in a most unlikely way.

I am sharing this as part of a birthday link-up celebration of not a favorite thing, but one of my favorite people.  Happy Birthday to my precious friend, BECKY DAYE!  May your day be as rich as chocolate, as sweet as cherries and as zesty as chilies!

Happy Birthday, Becky!!!  (with our dear friend Lizzie at Allume)

Becky would be pleased as punch to know that I have recently discovered I can buy this very bar at my local Wegman’s!  She may NOT be pleased as punch with this photo, but I love it!

Tell me about one of your favorite things, and if you’ve written about it go link up with the rest of us.


  1. Ha, ha! Yeah- me in all my maturity!! :) Thanks so much, Amy!!! I might just have to buy some of this chocolate.
    LOVE YOU!!!

    1. I think this is a great idea to have on hand for your Super Bowl/Birthday bash. Go Niners!

  2. LOLOL Love the picture of y'all. And yah that you can buy it locally. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the WAY you wrote this!

    1. Thank you. It's a little overindulgent, but was fun to write this way. I am glad that the store's are just a little inconvenient. That helps with the waistline. :)

  3. What a great picture from ALLUME. Ha! I love that particular chocolate bar too. That's why we're friends I think.

    1. You know, I bet this list is nearly endless. :)