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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Letter C

The letter C plays a huge role in my life.  You might even say that it is Central to who I am as a person.  If you look at my email address you will read My Twitter handle is @ACTilson.  My initials tell me to ACT!  I think that’s pretty cool.  I also don’t think that is by coincidence.

I love to think and plan, but I often forget the most important part.  I leave the follow-through part out of the equation.  I need to be constantly reminded to do something – to act.

I was privileged to meet and hear Darren Rowse speak at the Allume conference at the end of October.  Darren, also known to many as ProBlogger, titled his address “From Little Things Big Things Grow”.  Two of his main points for me were to firstly, be myself and secondly, to watch for my sparks.  Sparks are those things that give me energy, you will gather around, or are promptings from God.  This conference that I planned to attend originally as a spectator has given me so much potentially life-changing information.  But what I need to do is ACT on that information. 

Being the crazy person that I am, these have all seemed to stem from that charming curvaceous consonant that sits contentedly at the center of my name – C!  I think that these things are where I need to focus my energy and my work here in this space.  The easiest way for me to share this with you is in a list.  It may seem long, but there is a lot of overlap in my mind from these.  Bear with me as I put it out there for you:




Conscious Consumerism (yes, this one took a little bit of thinking to come up with)

Moving forward, I hope that I am able to engage both your mind and heart with all that I share.  I ask for grace to occasionally wander from these – especially on Fridays.  It is also my hope that if you know me you will see the cohesion of this list with my personality.  If you are just getting to know me, I hope that this will give you a clearer idea of who I really am.

As a side note, this also leaves some room for comedy and confession - two things that I love and need as well.

This is a culmination of much thought and prayer since the Allume Social conference.  It’s taken a while to process, and I’m sure there is much to be learned about my true purpose, but it’s a start.  And what I really need to just ACT on it!

What sparks are you noticing in your life that you need to act upon?

Gratefully linking up with Debi at Funki Planet and Mary Beth at New Life Steward

Thankful today for my rights and freedoms in this great nation.


  1. I love it!! You are such a bright spark. I know my head is still a little mushy from trying to process it all. I am not nearly as Coherent as you are...yet!

    1. Ha!! Good one. I'm still pretty mushy, too. So much to still go through - and that's not even thinkinbg about the books.

  2. Awesome! I have a list of "C"s for you too:


    You ROCK!!

    1. Oh, Debi Stang-e-land, you are too nice! Isn't alliteration fun?

  3. Love it! So excited to Continue to see what God is doing in you!!!

    1. Thank you!! I hope my list didn't upset your constitution. You are an amazing sounding board and I'm blessed to have you in my life. Whatever will do while you are gone?

  4. FAB-U-LOUS!!!

    And, let's not forget CENTERED which is not as "CRAZY as it seems when you CONSIDER Who is at the CORE of it all, eh? So that while the mountains quake and the seas roll, our Cosmic Creator has it under CONTROL!

    1. You are really good at this game. You are absolutely correct. If your center is at the right place, or on the right person, then the craziness is not that big a deal. Thank you for this!

    2. Yes! I like "centered" and "core" in addition to the ones you shared, Amy.
      Creativity at its best, my friend!

  5. love your "C" theme and it all ultimately comes from Christ...right now I am congested from a cold so I am challenged to think of another c word other than Congrats on what you learned at Allume, Amy :)

    1. Absolutely!! Hope you feel better. Hubby has the same thing going on right now. :(

  6. My C is for my little girl. Coffee. Calm.

    Be Blessed.

    1. Calm is a good one. Need to figure out how to work that in somehow. :)