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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being a Jonathan and the Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who entered my Stella & Dot giveaway.  We have a winner: Linda from Tender Allure!!! Check her out and say hello.  I’ll be sending her the lovely Light Bracelet as soon as it arrives.  This was fun and I hope to be able to bless more readers in the future.

Thanks also to those of you who placed an order and helped support my wonderful friend Sharon and also the Stella & Dot foundation.  I hope you are happy with what you found.

I love encouraging my friends in their endeavors.  I know how much your encouragement has meant to me over these past 7 months.

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, I want to be sure that each of you understand how much I appreciate the time you take to read my words and leave your own in the comments.  Community and friendship are so important to me.  I have been blessed beyond imagination with the relationships I have had over my lifetime in real life and online.  I seem to have a knack at attracting some pretty amazing people into my little world.

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I have been challenged as of late to become a “Jonathan”, to reach outside of my normal sphere to interact and to cultivate friendships that wouldn’t normally occur, or to interact with those I don’t necessarily agree with on different issues.  Taking Jesus as my example, I want to forfeit my reputation in order to reach out to others.  This is a big step, but one that is worth taking.  I’m not sure how this will all happen, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for any opportunity.

How have you been challenged to step out in an unfamiliar way?


  1. That's a wonderful thought... being a "Jonathan"
    When I started MOPS last month, it was interesting for me. We drew a different group than I was used to, but it ended up being SO wonderful. The women are already such a blessing to me.

    I think what you're trying to do is wonderful and Christ-like.

    1. Thank you. I cannot take credit for that thought at all. The lovely Ann Voskamp spoke on this during her keynote address at the Allume Social conference. There are so many blessings waiting for us if we will just walk into them. So glad you are being blessed by your MOPS group. Thanks for visiting.

  2. It has been a beautiful thing to see you grow in this space. I love what I see God doing in you.
    It is not stepping out of my comfort zone to get on an airplane and fly to the DR in less than 48 hours. But it IS a major shift in my thinking to be doing this pregnant. I am a little nervous about this and having to constantly lay my concerns at the feet of my more than capable God!
    Love you! Keep writing and keep pursuing (not that I could stop you! :) ). You are a blessing!

    1. I'm so proud of you for not letting concern trump calling. You know that I will be praying for you all and your work. Plus, I want to to enjoy every minute!!

  3. Actually, no...I have always reached out to people different than myself, so it comes as second nature to me! :) Remember, I'm a quirky one. ;)

  4. Hmmm... maybe you need to find another you. Oh wait, what am I saying?? There's only one you. Love Together in 10, by the way!

  5. Yay for Linda! I know she'll enjoy the Light Bracelet! And thanks again Amy for having an online Stella & Dot trunk show!