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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Plan It: Handmade Holidays: Pinterest to Present

Today is the 25th which means it is time for the second installment of Handmade Holidays: Pinterest to Present.

If you are just joining us on our little holiday adventure, WELCOME!! You can read all about how we are moving from Pinterest board to Present in the original post.  Come back here when you are finished reading.

Today we are moving on to phase 2 of our plan.  Don’t freak out on me if you think you are a whole month behind and can’t join us.  For many people, it wouldn’t seem right unless there was a last minute scramble.  We are trying to avoid that altogether, but I know you.  You want this year to be different. Here we go.  I’m going to help you get ready for…


Christmas Tree in Bryant Park, NYC

Last month the challenge was to make your PICKS.  Pick your people and your projects.  I have two things that I want to do. 1)homemade hot chocolate mix and 2)knitted dish cloths.  The dish cloths will be for my mom and mother in law, per their request.  I have to tell you that this will require substantial improvement in the knitting department, but I really want to get them made.  The hot chocolate will be for cousins, teachers…maybe even a little for me.  I need to further research the ingredients and recipes.  I want it to be amazing! 

I located my holiday control journal (link) and have been thinking about the card situation for this year.  Sending out Christmas cards or letters seems to be my holiday Achilles heel.
Time to move on….

Step 2: PLAN

Take your projects and list everything that you will need.  Don’t forget about the canisters, bags, ribbons, tags, instructions, ingredients, boxes, shrink wrap, filler, utensils, fabric, yarn….  You get the idea.  List EVERYTHING!

I already have my yarn, needles and patterns for the dish cloths.  If someone can tell me where to find a couple extra hours for each day I’d greatly appreciate it.

For the hot chocolate I need to determine: the container, a scoop, labels, decorative accents for container, best recipe to use, best ingredients to use, how to gift wrap for presentation, tags.  That may seem like a lot, but it’s worth thinking about that now instead of looking for a tag that will work without messing up my container (i.e. those little sticky gift tags).

Be creative!  Go back to Pinterest and look at gift wrapping ideas.  I’ve also found resources for containers and other unusual items .  Have fun with it.  Why not be a JOYFUL GIVER this year??

Pull out your box or bag and start collecting all of the items you’ll be using along with your lists and instructions.

How about your little Halloween treat baggies, Thanksgiving place cards, napkin rings and the like that you were considering?  Halloween is just over a month away.  What about wreaths?  Come back this week, I’ve got a great tip for you.

I’ve also started collecting items I’ll need for my Truth in the Tinsel advent crafts.  I’ve organized my other supplies so I can easily tell what I still need.  I want to make it more than 6 days this year.


Do these two things and let me know in the comments what great ideas you are coming up with.  I want to be able to help you with the next steps.  Grab a button while you’re at it to remind yourself and share with others if you like.

I’m getting in the holiday spirit just thinking about it.  We have passed the 100 day mark.


  1. Last year, the kids made candy cane play dough for their friends. This year, we are going to do Popcorn ornaments- I already have the glass ornaments (found them at a yard sale this summer!) and so, I'm looking forward to doing it with the kids.
    I have decided to do an early family photo shoot this year, so that I don't have the last minute Christmas card scramble!
    Is it possible that Christmas is only 3 months away?!!!

    1. I know, isn't that crazy!! Those sound like really fun ideas. I'm impressed by your forward thinking to snag those ornaments. Way to go!!

    2. Pinterest is such a next-door thing to get inspired from