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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Terrible Traffic Tuesday

That’s what they call it here in my neck of the woods.  The day after Labor Day is officially “Terrible Traffic Tuesday”!  Doesn’t that just sound like a kick in the teeth after the unofficial end to summer?  Most years I hang on to summer tooth and nail.  I love the long days and hours in the swimming pool or at the beach.  I love the throwing on shorts and a top – it’s so easy to get dressed. But, I digress…

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So back to the name.  It’s not about vacation travelers heading back home.  It’s about the schools!  This is no exaggeration: there are hundreds of thousands of kids going back to 250 schools – in this county alone!  Does the thought of hundreds of thousands of school age kids make you shudder a little bit?? Sorry to scare you like that. 

I think the rest of the traffic is summer weary moms going to the mall, the grocery store, or Target – ALONE!!  They are in their cars listening to the radio station of their choice and blissfully clogging up the roads.  Who cares how many lights you have to sit through to make that left turn when no one is screaming in your ear about how much they don’t want to go to the store.

So, I will celebrate this day with all the other non-homeschoolers out there.  This is a day to celebrate personal freedom, expression of your own want-to-do lists and finishing a hot cup of coffee.  I will go to the grocery store and get everything on my list.  I’ll go up and down each aisle at my leisure.  I’ll happily breeze past every item with Lightning McQueen without giving it a second glace. 

So to the ones of us by ourselves today I say:

Happy Terrible Traffic Tuesday!


  1. We don't have an official name for it, but yes... traffic is much worse the week school starts. I've always assumed it's because all the people going to work suddenly re-synched their commutes based on school time.

    Oh... twitter tease: why I'm braving traffic and ignoring Lightning McQueen today ... :)

    1. Love it!! See, you are the best! I may steal that later on today. Now you know it's the moms, too, causing all that traffic. :)

  2. LOL I hear you, lady.

    I may not actually go anywhere today (though I did make a long overdue visit to my local Starbucks!), but I'm enjoying being in my very quiet house. Ahhhh.

    1. I didn't even turn the radio on while I was out. Whoever said, "silence is golden," was a parent!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm glad you were able to celebrate, too. :)

  4. TOO great!! Love this muchly, even though I do still have one at home. (He's the quiet one!)

  5. We live in a tourist and camp area so traffic is NUTS from Memorial Day to Labor Day around here. In between I count tractors that come down my cut off road-and I am a 10 minute WALK to town. Yep country. Then again, traffic is relative. When we lived in Brooklyn, NY it took my hubby 90+ minutes to DRIVE 26 miles to his job in NY, NY :0). Now THAT is traffic :0).
    Glad you enjoyed your day of coffee and quiet :0). My 2 at home are 14 and 15 so I find myself with a LOT of coffee---or web creating---time :0).