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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterpretation: What My Pinterest Boards Say About ME

Last week I saw a tweet that piqued my interest.  It alluded to my beloved Pinterest and how I could use it to understand myself better for branding.  Because I love to learn and may one day be a multi-national corporation –not really – I clicked.  That click took me to a beautiful blog with a book review called Uplifting Words.  Holley Gerth and Stephanie Bryant are at it again, this time with “Pinterpretation: 16 Fun Ways to Find OutWhat Your Pinterest Boards Say About You”.

After reading the review I knew I needed to get this ebook to read for myself.  I read through the book on my phone’s Kindle app in less than 30 minutes.  Its approach and insight were intriguing.
“You scan, click, pin.  It all seems so random.  But those boards you’re building?  They might as well be billboards along the highway telling the world who you are.”

Before going to Pinterest to do my analysis I sat and thought.  What had I put on there?  How well did I think I knew myself and my true preferences?

I have a pretty darn good visual memory, especially for color.  I thought this would come in handy as I sat back and went through my boards in my head.  Based on my reading, I was convinced that joy was my strongest characteristic based on my bright color choices.  I also knew that I had a very strong affinity for clean, simple lines and geometry.  I like order.  But there were other questions:  What is the basic composition of the photography?  How many people can be accommodated by seating in photos?  What types of food have I selected?  This was going to be interesting!

It was time to go online.  You can view my Pinterest boards to see what I’m talking about.  After I went through and made notes about the contents it was time to analyze the data!  There were several parameters that stood out to me:

1)Color as an Indicator of Personality and Emotional State
I was shocked frankly at the amount of neutral colors.  There were very bold, bright pops of color everywhere, but on a background of greys, tans, browns and white.  Sometimes no other colors at all but the neutrals.  Not surprising is that I am an extrovert who experiences emotions intensely.  To that I say – DUH!  What was surprising is that this also conveys a strong sense of contentment.  And all that white??  A desire for tranquility in my life and schedule!  Sigh… wouldn’t that be wonderful?!?

I love regular geometric shapes.  Parallel lines, repeating patterns and symmetry just make my brain happy.  Here was the second real light bulb moment for me:

“is your life chaotic and you need to develop a daily routine to empower you to accomplish more of your goals?”
Say What?? Yes, please! Has Pinterest been holding the key to part of my happiness all along?  I think I’ve known this in the back of my mind, but this was confirmation and has given me ideas of what to do.

You will see quickly from my boards that I love Modern.  Even more traditional things like quilts, knitting, cupcakes and toys all have a modern bent to them.  I can appreciate the historical and things with grand flourishes, but they’re just not who I am.  What does this say about me?  I’m a dreamer, a visionary, and I look to the future.  I enjoy making things that take time and are intricate in detail.  I’m a great starter and planner – not so much a finisher.  That’s a big part of the purpose of this blog – to give you a push, to set you off, and give you the information you need to do that.  So that’s what I’m doing here. 

At the bottom of this post you will find a link for you to go get your own copy of this book for just $0.99!  For less than a dollar you can then start your own journey into self-examination via Pinterest.  You can use this for helping you design your home, adjust your life’s schedule, develop branding, or just know yourself a little better.


16)Personal Statement
I love order and people and I want more of both in my life.  I also appreciate the fine details in all aspects of life.  This is true for relationships, as well as petit fours.

“What you see on Pinterest isn’t always attainable – but it does tell you a lot about how you truly want to live.  We all have a sweet spot between the ideal and the real where we can actually thrive.”

Click here to view more details

All quotes are from  Pinterpretation: 16 Fun Ways to Find Out What Your Pinterest Boards Say About You.   Link provided is an affiliate link.  Use this link if one under photo does not work.Click here to view more details


  1. I will buy it and link through you, but I wish that there was a Nook version. Once I have settle in comfortably, I don't want to get up to get my credit card info. I know- I'm lazy!
    Love this, love you!

    1. You will love this! Then you need to write about it and link up at Squee Inc. by next Friday.

  2. Loved your review and what I learned about you, Amy! :)

    1. Thank you! Loved this book that you and Stephanie have written. It has so much insight, but was so much fun to go through. I learned so much about myself as well. This could be useful for so many situations. Our architects are actually using my boards for inspiration as they design our dream house.
      Hope that we are maybe going to get the chance to meet at Allume??

  3. "the fine details in relationships and petit fours" - absolutely poetic. ;)

    1. Thank you for such an encouraging comment.