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Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Here?

It’s Friday and I’m writing for five minutes and linking up with Lisa-Jo.  Join us?


Why here?

Why now?

Why me?

I’ve just finished reading Ann Voskamp’s post and am reminded about how often I actually think this very thing.  Why was I chosen to be me in this here and now?  I’ve always said I felt I was born exactly where I should have been at the exact right time.  But for what reason?  I have always said that it was for MY COMFORT! 

How absolutely selfish of me!  I’ve been bought at a very high price.  My life is no longer my own.  Wow!  What self-centeredness!  A long time ago this may have been excusable, but no longer.

Sure we sponsored a child through Compassion until he left the program and we send monthly support and occasional extras to our child through World Vision.  But isn’t that just a mite from a rich man instead of a widow.  What SHOULD I be doing?  How do I stay under the spiritual leadership of my husband, but share this deep hurt in me and convince him to feel the same.  What can I really do from HERE?  Much!!!  More!!!  Much More!


Five Minute Friday


  1. Tell him exactly what you told us... how you feel led to do more. I don't know your husband, obviously... But maybe knowing how you feel about it will plant the seed to move his heart as well?

  2. I agree with Jo and would add to that pray. Pray for your husband daily and that God would lead him to where you are if that's his will for you both. Been there, done that girl! And still doing it too! :)