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Thursday, August 23, 2012

How I Found My Own Passion

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Yesterday I wrote about finding your passion and following it. Since then, the most common thing I have heard is, “I am trying to figure that out.”  I thought that today it might be helpful if I gave you a little bit of my own journey.  Granted, I don’t have it all figured out.  I can tell you about how I got to this point.

I mentioned going back to your childhood and trying to remember what you played.  My whats were sometimes determined by who I was playing with, but when left to my own devices there were definite favorites. 

I loved making blanket and furniture tents.  These were multi room constructions that involved sofas, chairs, beds, cushions and every type of blanket, throw or sheet I could get my hands on.  Sometimes they were one big open space, but normally you had walls with “doorways”.

I remember lying on the floor in my bedroom in the patch of sunlight coming through the window and coloring.  I would color in coloring books some, but most of the time I drew my own pictures to color.  I wasn’t your rainbows, flowers, or family portraits kind of artist.  I drew pictures of houses and even colorful rows of townhouses.  That seems odd to me, because there aren’t any townhouses where I grew up.  I have no idea where that notion came from.

In seventh grade, I had the opportunity to be a part of a computer class.  Y’all – this was programming in BASIC on an Apple IIe that used those 5” floppy disks with the exposed film you didn’t dare touch.  (Some of you are wondering what in the world I’m even talking about right now.) One of the things we learned was how to draw pictures by using numbers for the colors and line placement.  Now it’s called graphics.  Back then we had the technical name of “drawing on the computer”.  Guess what I drew?  A house.

I would draw out dream house floor plans for fun. How no one ever picked up on this and decided that I had a deep interest in architecture and design is beyond me, but that’s in the past.  Let’s move on.  As a side note: Parents, please pay attention to your children’s play.  It can give you so much insight.

Through a series of events I was moved off this track. In college I chose a library science class as an elective.  I thought it could be helpful for research and I had always loved the library.  I was fascinated and even thought briefly about becoming a research librarian.  I love finding information for others.  This is part of my story.

Eventually, I found my way back when we moved to Chicago and I began interior design school.  It was like I had come home.  One of my color classes – which is another love – was taught by a designer whose job was the resource librarian at a major design firm in Chicago.  She offered their library as a resource for materials for her class.  When I first stepped into that room it was like a chorus was singing in the background.  I had no idea jobs like this even existed.  The Merchandise Mart quickly became one of my favorite places and trade shows a highlight of each year.

This all but disappeared when we moved away and there were no design jobs in our new home.  Even when we went back to Chicago, I didn’t get to work again because of the economy.  I did get to go to the big trade show and the Mart, but I wasn’t being productive.  Then, along came the little guy.

So, how would I follow my passion if it was something so specific that relied heavily on location and circumstance?  I took the aspects that I loved and turned them inside out.  I started a blog.  Here I can share information that I find, I can play with design , I can learn – and I can meet YOU!!

So writing, while not my favorite thing in the world, is my medium.  This is where I am right now and how I’m making it work.  Passion is too strong to ignore for long.  I’m sure this will evolve over time, just as anything does.  Thinking outside of the box was the key for me.  I hope this sparks a fire inside of you to do whatever it takes to give your passion the life it deserves.

Need help figuring out how to make your passion work?  I’m here and so are others to be your sounding board.  Think out loud and put your questions out there.  The answer may surprise you.


  1. I still have a variety of floor plans filed away in my stash; dream homes, apartment complexes, etc! I totally wanted to be an architect!

  2. I found my passion too: librarianship! And it came out of nowhere, but I'm so glad it did. It's what I am meant to do on this Earth. My best advice: once you know what that passion is, MAKE it happen somehow. Student loans, creative childcare, putting in extra hours each's SO worth it in the end :)

    1. I love to hear that!! The way I started school was seeing an ad in the Chicago Tribune that said "Do you have the passion?". I immediately though the answer was yes. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done.