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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week of Firsts

Last week we had 3 big firsts with the little guy.

First, he started preschool – and loved it.  He’s only going 2 days a week, but that’s enough to give him some extra enrichment and preserve my sanity.  I bow to homeschoolers!  You guys Rock. It.  Out.

His first day included a reptile show.  I got there in time to see the massively huge and chill-inducing albino boa constrictor.  Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of the creepy crawlies in the world – but I don’t want to pass that along.  I even took him to an aquarium!  Any longtime friend of mine will tell you that is earth-shaking.  I should write about it some time.

Third, he got his first bee sting while we were at the playground on Friday.  Ann Voskamp-style, I thanked God for it.  We were very close to a pediatrician’s office and the fire department and there was no allergic reaction.  There are certain things you just can’t know until they happen.  We were at a very good place for that to happen.  

It hurt him.  

He didn’t know what had happened, and it even took me a while to find the spot.  He whimpered for a second, brushed it off and was playing again in a matter of seconds.  This is the kid who didn’t flinch when having stitches removed from his forehead.

I know you’re thinking I can’t count.  Where’s the second thing?  Well, I wanted to save the biggest for last.  I think I have a budding muralist on my hands.  

While engrossed in several Five Minute Friday contributions, the living room became an art studio.  I had no idea what was happening with 2 crayons on the other side of the office wall.  This was happening:

Apparently the larger is of himself with my sister’s family.  All five of them stand happily head and legs side-by-side.  This is roughly 6’ wide and 4’ high.  To the side of the television we have a lovely portrait of Daddy!  He’s probably thrilled that this shows no need for change in diet or exercise.  It’s just a smiling head and two legs.  Not sure why I didn’t make the cut.  But hey, that’s just one less thing to have to clean off the wall.  Have I mentioned that we rent this house?

Thankfully these are washable crayons and should come off just fine.  I'll follow it up with a magic eraser.  I’m adding that to the hydrogen peroxide and paper towels that should come with every little boy.  It was only a matter of time.  Luckily, all sharpies are safely out of reach, unless he is determined to keep on growing.

So just thought I would share a little of our life with you.  What’s going on in your world that’s caught you by surprise lately?


  1. So glad he is loving preschool! That's awesome. And the aquarium?!!! That's huge! Proud of you.
    Great perspective on being thankful for the bee sting.
    For us- Ethan read 3 books to me this morning without too much complaining. Yay! And today I start work to change Lindsay's room into my office. Excited!
    I love the Fall- so ripe with new beginnings!

    1. Go Ethan!! Poor Lindsay - will she have to sleep under the desk now?? :) I can't believe I never told you about the aquarium. I took him to the Shedd with our mom's group. It was huge! New stuff for you too with Gibson, right?

    2. No, Lindsay gets the closet! :) Ha, ha!
      The Shedd- perfect place to go!!!
      And yes, lots of firsts for Gibsy coming up. We plan to go to the Play Museum often. He is so excited- especially to play in the "sand" when no one else is around.

    3. What iis it about sand? Max thought beach volleyball was the best Olympic sport becasue of all the sand, the swimsuits and no water.

  2. You should have seen the mess that was the kids' room before I painted over the whole thing when we moved (they were 5, 5, and 4). I was ALWAYS finding crayons and... artwork.

    Magic Erasers were my friends.

    1. Oh, whoever invented the Magic Eraser should definitely get a Nobel Prize!

  3. What a joy! (even the artwork, right? ) :)
    And I can't believe how long it took me to purchase the magic eraser. I don't know what I had against this brilliant addition to my life! who would have ever thought there could be so much joy in a sponge?!?

    (loved your 1st, 3rd, 2nd......thanks for the smile today!)

    1. I know, sadly some red remains and we will have to repaint. I don't think I mentioned we are renters. :( Oh, well.