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Monday, July 30, 2012

Approaching Normal

Vacations are ended.

Groceries will need to be bought on a regular basis now.

Laundry begins it unending march up the insides of the hamper only to be partially emptied and begin again.

Floors are in need of daily sweeping.

The pool and gym call to us on a schedule.

Life is getting back to normal here.

Then there are the big things:
A house that we have not lived in for 3 ½ years is no longer ours to make payments to the bank.  We are still left with another small house where we thought we would be living and rent on the one we actually are in.  This is our normal for now, but it is closer to the general sense of normal.  I have had a difficult time keeping up with bills and insurance and maintenance for 3 places.  At least our life is contained within the boundaries of one state now.

A new normal will begin in a few weeks as the little guy starts preschool a couple days a week.  He is so hungry for learning and friendship.  He is much like his momma at times and doesn’t like the isolation of our cul de sac life.  I may feel like it’s a bit of a return to some normal for me, as well.   18 years of marriage without children is a long time and establishes pretty strong patterns.  I’m excited for both of us.

So while “normal” is elusive and means a myriad of different things, it seems we are closing in on it.  I like normal and am excited for the future. 

Does your summer throw your normal out the window?  Are you looking forward to a change in your life?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I am ready to have my routine back! Each day is a little different but at least I know what to expect! You are gonna live the little man going to preschool! Thomas loves it and I NEED it! :)

  2. LOL I had to stop reading this after the third line because you reminded me I needed to change out the laundry!!

    I both love it when summer is here and thirst for it to GO AWAY. I love the time to spend with my girls... We do a lot of daytrips during the summer, and I love the freedom that allows us to do that, the time I get to feed into them and spend time with them before they get too old to want to do that any longer.

    But our schedule dissolves into chaos, every day different from the one before... and that's fun. But after awhile, I thirst for the day in/day out of knowing what's happening. I rarely even know what DAY it is during the summer! :)

    1. Ha! Glad I was able to help you. I love seeing your daytrips. I can only imagine the chaos that my future holds. :)

  3. I always think summer will be a time to slow down, but it becomes a different kind of busy. A different kind of normal. I am in a "different" season, sort of living in between/transitioning. I am longing for normal as we sort out finances and my husband's new job. (Praise God he found one, but we still need a second income.) Thanks for this post and prompting me to think about what normal is!

    1. Any kind of transition just seems to throw normal out the window, doesn't it? Congratulations to your husband on his new job and good luck finding the second.

  4. Aw, Amy! Trying to catch up on posts- life is completely NOT normal right now. And I don't remember a summer being so busy or crazy. I'm looking forward to routine returning.
    So, the house?!!!! Has it really been 3 1/2 years?!!

  5. Oh my word Amy, my life feels so crazy right now!!! I feel like I'm longing for the quietness and slowness of winter...Though not too soon because then the snow makes me weary!!! LOL.

    Would love to hear more about the story of your house that you alluded too...we just paid off a house in MA that we have not lived in for 3 years and lost a LOT of money on because of the housing I feel your pain!!!

    Cheers to schedules!!! Thanks for linking up last week (in the craziness of summer I'm just reading this week!!)

    1. When we moved away in 09 we couldn't sell because of the market crash - especially in the NYC area. We rented to friends. We hoped they would be able to buy it, but that didn't work out. We put in on the market in January after our friends moved out. This was all part of a buyout benefit from the job Shane started last May. It never sold, so the buyout took effect. Someone will eventually get a deal!! It has a Snaidero kitchen and a spa master bath that we put in. We effectively lost money, but glad it's off our backs now.
      So sorry that you've gone through this, too. It really stinks!