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Friday, May 18, 2012

Perspective Gained

On Fridays, a group joins together to write for five minutes flat – no editing, no backtracking, just raw words.  Here are mine:

I went through the mail yesterday and there was a letter addressed to me.  It was for an advanced degree at a local university for their interior design program.  I don’t think I qualified for it, but it really got me thinking.

I thought about all the hours and late nights and money spent on project after project in design school.  There were codes to learn, software to learn, tools to learn, theories to learn.  Let’s not even get into art history and design history.  It was the hardest thing I’d ever done, and I loved almost every minute of it – see previous sentence.  I learned rendering and perspective drawing.

Lunch with fabulous co-workers

Perspective.  That was what I had.  I’d loved the small firm I worked at after finishing my degree.  I was shocked at how physical the job was, not just stretching my creativity.  I adored the people I worked with and the opportunities I had.  But that is gone.

T-squares and carpet squares are replaced by wooden trains and Legos.  Do I miss it?  Absolutely, but would I trade for it?  Absolutely not.  That is what I call perspective.



  1. Love the perspective that you have learned. And I also love that even when we can't see it, ALL of the things that we have learned have had a part in shaping who we are. You are able to be an amazing mommy to your little guy because of all of these combined experiences!

    1. Thank you sweet Becky!! I really, rally appreciate it.

  2. Loved reading your thoughts on perspective...thanks for sharing! =)