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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Bake a Mud Pie

Here's a fun idea for following directions and imaginative play while increasing knowledge of quantitative and qualitative concept at the same time.


Many boxes of food often have pictures to go along with the directions to cook the food.  Muffin mix is a perfect example.

Cut out the back panel with directions and pictures. You can create a "cookbook" with all the different directions/recipes you find. If your child has a play kitchen with play food you can practice cooking with pretend food before heading into the real kitchen.  You can talk about what you do first, next, last, etc.

Talk about how many eggs you will need, how much water or milk, etc. You get the idea.  You don't even need a play kitchen to do this. Kids would probably have even more fun doing this outside with sand, rocks, grass, water, sticks… while pretending those are the ingredients!

Great summer fun!


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  1. Oh my youngest LOVES to cook. Or, maybe he goes through phases. I'm trying to let him have more freedom in the kitchen (15yo) while still guiding and teaching him at the same time. I think next school year I might get him to do supper a day a week or something. :D And the cook book idea? I love that for ME! LOL Love me some Jiffy!!