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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Does This Helmet Make Me Look ….

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time to LEARN A NEW WORD!!  Here we go.

Earlier this week a friend made a comment on Facebook about the name of a business that she had seen.  She wondered what might possibly come out the doors based on the name and then made a reference to The Hunger Games.  I’ve not read the books, seen the movie, nor do I have plans to do so.  She did give me a little bit of a clue by using this as a potential comparison. 

This is one of those words that I’ve seen and heard many times, but I just don’t really know what it means.  This annoys me.  So I went to look it up!

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The word was QUIXOTIC.  I read Don Quixote in college – en Español no less – but have never figured out how this worked as an adjective in most of the ways I’d seen it.  Then comes the issue of how to say it if you are reading it.  One would think, based on its origin that KEE – HO –TIC would be right.  Actually, it’s how someone without a lick of Spanish would say it: KWIK – ZAH – TIC.  I know, crazy, right?

But what does it mean?  You would think delusional, or clad in armor, maybe as on horseback preparing to joust with a windmill.  Well, you would be wrong, but not entirely.  Put all those things together and you are getting closer. 

Tangled - Cakes by Kerrin

Think of the deeper qualities:  idealistic, dreamy, romantic, unrealistic, or impractical.  Still makes me wonder what would come out of an establishment with that in its name.  Depending on the business, for say a cake decorator, it could be wonderful, not so much for a financial planner.

Words have power.  Often in this world having more words can mean having more power.  Choose them wisely, use them graciously and receive more than you give.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.


  1. Sorry- couldn't get past your no desire to read The Hunger Games... :)
    Thanks for this- I had no idea what Quixotic meant. There is no doubt that it in no way inspires "dreamy" or "romantic". The way it sounds makes me think more of frantic or delusional as you said. Ah, well! Live and learn! Thanks for teaching me something new today!

    1. Did you like the cake? I should have her make one when we do our lanterns. I just realized you did your haircut, too!

  2. No wait, what was the reference to the Hunger Games? LOL ;D