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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Erudite?

I love to learn.  This love is often fueled by reading or even watching television programming.  One thing that annoys me is when I don’t know a word that a writer or speaker has used.  It’s often in a way that assumes I know that word.  There’s little to no context.  By the time I am able to look it up I have forgotten the word in the first place, well, because I didn’t know it.

It’s a vicious cycle. 

I say let’s stop this merry-go-round one word at a time.

Today’s word is ERUDITE.  It’s not a super difficult term; many of you may even scoff at my choice.  The scoffers out there are probably ERUDITE themselves.  Their education and knowledge has made this a familiar word.  They may be very well-read and cultured.  Some may even have a scholarly background.  If so, then they are indeed ERUDITE.  

At this point, my dear reader, you are also on your way to becoming ERUDITE.  Enjoy your new word and feel free to use it as often as is appropriate.  Spread the learning around.


  1. I was wondering if you read the book Divergent? It's a name of one of the five factions in the book. Awesome book. Great word choice! Go, Amy!

    1. No, should I check it out? Sounds like there might be 4 other words there for me. :)

  2. So I tried to comment earlier, but my phone was being stupid. Let's see if I can be as witty the second time around:

    I'm probably not as erudite as I like to think I am. Ignorant may be the better word most of the time.

    Fun post. I'm a nerd at heart too. I kinda miss graduate school. :)

    1. Thanks. Don't we all have a little geek or nerd in us somewhere. Celebrate it! Thanks for stopping by. I totally forgot to put at the top that this is the thing I do on Wednesdays.